Article (12/1/17)

The holiday season is upon us.  I know that the commercial part is up and in full swing, but let’s try and stop to reflect what the holidays mean to each of us and not lose sight of what that is to you and your family.  December 3, 2017 is our Children’s Christmas Party.  Make sure you reserve this date to help and be a part of a child’s Christmas.  If you need help to recapture the magic of Christmas, do it through the eyes of a child.  You will always remember that!  For more details contact anyone in the children’s office.

A note on retention, don’t forget that we are all on the membership committee when it comes to this membership area.  If you know someone on the dues non-payment list; give them a call and let’s not lose them on 31 December!   The list is available in the office and will be at the stated meeting this month.  For all the Nobles that top lined signed a petition or re-instatement this year, please follow up and help to keep that Noble involved in our fraternity.  Helping kids and having fun is what we do best.  Be a mentor and encourage all to participate.

Be safe out there and I look forward to seeing ya’ll in 2018.  Happy holidays from me and my family to yours.  In closing, remember our Armed Forces, Our Hospitals, Our Shrine Children and the less fortunate in our prayers.  God Bless America!

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