Article (3/31/17)

Howdy Nobles,
I hope this issue of the Voice finds you happy, healthy and proud to be a Shriner! I continue to get calls asking about dues cards and or renewal stickers. Remember that dues notices and dues cards are sent out by Imperial. You still pay your dues at the Temple and I will update your status in web fez. Right now it is taking 6-8 weeks from the time I receive your dues to the time you receive your dues card/sticker. If you need a paper copy of your new dues card to show you are current, then please call me and I can print one or send it to you electronically. You can use this as proof that you paid your Temple dues to show your Unit or Club so that you can participate with them until yours comes in.
Have you ever stopped and wondered…what are our responsibilities as a Shriner? According to Shriners International, each Shriner is expected to help the fraternity grow by recruiting new Nobles and being active as possible, and to support the philanthropy by helping to identify children who may benefit from our hospital systems expert care.
I ask you to think about how you can take ACTION in the Temple!
Acceptance: We are all unique and offer different talents, contributions and skills to this organization. We need to be more tolerant of these differences to enable our temple to flourish. Be mindful of this and strive to guide each Noble in a pathway that they can best utilize their talents for the growth of our Temple.
Communication: Good communication skills promote a harmonious and a productive environment. Let’s strive to utilize “The Voice”, social media, stated meetings, and personal contact to keep our Nobles informed and on track with the current activities.
Teamwork: Encourage Nobles to become more involved and provide positive feedback for their efforts. Create opportunities for Nobles to work together in all aspects of our Temple to include our committees, fundraisers and ritualistic work. Offer transportation assistance to those Nobles that can no longer drive to stated meetings. Be eager to assist a struggling Noble, committee or even Unit/Club to help them achieve their goals. The temple will always benefit in the end.
Innovative: There is always room for new ideas and improvement! Consider creating exposure opportunities for prospective new Nobles or even new units as a means of increasing member involvement and interest. There are many themes or social activities that units can take form of such as cigar clubs, crafted beverage units, or other motorized ideas. Don’t forget to incorporate opportunities for fun during your social times. Organize social activities outside of the temple to include movie nights, sports nights or just getting together for a meal. Many traditions are great, but sometimes change is needed to carry our temple into the future.
Optimism: Remember that the “Glass is half full.” Don’t let negativity invade our temple. There are many speed bumps in life and it is through these obstacles that we become better and stronger. Offer encouragement to those Nobles that are in need and strive to be a role model for right thinking and acting. Work continuously towards integrating fun and excitement in our temple as this is the only way to keep our Nobles interested and attending.
Nurturing: We as men may not think of this one much. We need to provide support and assistance for our Nobles inside and outside of our Temple gates. We are Master Masons first and taught to assist a brother if we are able. We often times forget about this when our own lives become hectic. Please take a moment to remember those Nobles in sickness and distress and those Nobles that are new to our Fraternity as this organization should be a strong support system for all Nobles.
I thank you for being a member of the world’s greatest fraternity. God Bless the Shrine, God Bless our Troops, and God Bless America!

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