Article (10/1/18)

Howdy Nobles and Ladies!
I’d like to give Illustrious Sir Greg’s daughters a tip of the fez for putting on the Gun and Purse Bingo event last month. This was a great event, had outstanding participation by the community, and was a fun for all who attended. Thank you Bethann, Missy and Gretchen!
We have the Fall Ceremonial this month and our Ceremonial Masters are at work and I know it will be a good one. If you have a petition, please get it to me so we can vote on it. For the Ladies, if you have not purchased a luncheon ticket give Lady Diane a call or see Audrey in the office. This is our opportunity to meet the new Nobles, enjoy each other’s company, and have some fun! Re-member, we have one chance to put a first impression on our new Nobles. We need to come out in force to support the weekend’s events. How can we expect them to stay enthusiastically involved if we ourselves are not there to say to them that this is an im-portant philanthropy. I look forward to seeing y’all at the festivities.
If you wanted to get a lifetime membership now is your chance. The Temple is raffling off a lifetime membership. This is only the Temple dues portion which is a $1,800 value. This is for the Noble in good standing or a Master Mason in good standing that petitions Shaddai and is elected. There are only 300 tickets available and this drawing will be held once the last ticket is sold. If you have questions or want to get tickets just give me a call or send me an email. Remember this is an $1,800 value for only a $25 donation per ticket. What a great deal!
Once again, I want to thank each Noble and Lady’s for your service! Remember: Shriners – Helping Kids Defy the odds! God Bless the Shrine, God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!
Phil d’Albertis


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