Article (9/1/18)

Hello Nobles and Ladies,

I was happy so see the turn out for the Possum festival Parade. We had a good time even though this is always a hot parade. I was especially proud to see the Characters & Drifters in the parade. These two units will really stir up crowds. I hope that the rebuilding of the Roadrunners will bring out more nobles and show interest in other activities.

SHOW Up and SHOW OUT! We are proud to be Shaddai Shriners.

Shaddai Clown Reporter: The Shaddai Clowns were at the Possum Festival Parade and boy was it hot. We had a good showing and a good time. There were many people lining the parade route down Hwy. 77 through Wausau. We will be hosting the 1st Fri. Dinner in September and hope everyone will turn out like last month at the great dinner put on by the Characters Unit. Let’s get out and support SHADDAI. We want to stay active in the community. Lots of things are on the horizon and we are here to help the Kids of the Shrine.

Thank you all for your support,
fraternally Doug Bastendorf

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