Article (10/1/17)

Noble and Ladies,

September was a busy month and the Clown Unit was up for the task.  The Circus is one of the events that we really enjoy and have fun greeting the people who come out.  The young and old alike.  And this being a new Circus family we were interested in seeing their show.  The poker run, fish fry and the boat race were fund raisers month that we attended to show our support.  We hosted the First Friday night meal and hope that those who attended enjoyed the food.  It was catered by Chop Stix Restaurant in Lynn Haven.  On Saturday night, the Dance with Chad Street was attended by many and they said they would like to see more of these in the future.  Greg Williams, our Asst. Rabban, attended our meeting and the Clown Unit got tickets to sell for his benefit.  We hope that this will help and the tickets will be sold by the time the event is planned for.  Remember the temple needs your help and we are trying to show that we are always there.  Other events are in the planning and more money for the temple general fund is on its way.

God Bless you Nobles and Ladies and families.
Doug Bastendorf, Secretary Shaddai Clowns

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