Article (12/1/17)

Nobles & Ladies:

Again, this month I would first like to take the opportunity to thank all the Units of Shaddai for their participation in the “Whole Beef Raffle”. Because of your efforts we managed to sell 3,890 tickets which yielded $6,487.63 gross. After expenses of $1,043.69 we ended up donating $5,443.94 to the General Fund. Great job nobles and your ladies!

I have recently noticed a stronger bond between all the nobles and ladies of Shaddai. It genuinely seems as if we have all started pulling together as a team to accomplish our many goals. If you have not been able to attend any of our recent functions you have really missed out. The Halloween dance for example was a complete success at no expense to the temple and an enormous time was had by all who attended. Noble Alan Vann and his lady Cindy are largely responsible for the fruition of this event and deserve a huge thank you (anybody else noticed that this wonderful couple is involved in everything at Shaddai, just saying). Noble Greg Williams, his family and staff put on one of the finest banquets I have ever attended. If you have never attended one of Greg’s banquets, you surely need too. Let’s not forget the amount raised for Shaddai, over $46,000. We all need to thank Greg for his efforts and for the professional manner in which his banquet was conducted. Many thanks to brother Greg Williams!

Another fine example was the Low Country Boil held by the Clown Unit. The event brought Nobles, their family and friends out in droves to enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by its members. The pavilion was continually full of participants enjoying great food and fellowship. It is truly amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together. So let’s all keep up the good work.

Attendance at our stated meetings has definitely improved as well as assistance in the creation of new members. Noble Todd Bowden has been persistent in his efforts to encourage us all to participate in finding new members as well as saving existing members from suspension for non- payment of dues. Great job Todd and please keep up the good work. Please don’t forget the Multi Raffle, we all need to get behind noble John Wheat and support him in this endeavor. The drawing is at the New Year’s Eve party, so we are running out of time. We have only the expense of the tickets in this event which is offering some excellent prizes and should yield some great funds for the General Fund.

Well, our busiest parade month is about to be on us and I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait. Although I sure miss parading with my brother Buccaneers, my comrades of the Divan are equally close to each other and are continually bonding together as one unit. The Divan has been on several field trips together and continues to grow closer and closer to each other. Noble Joe Paul, First Lady Tracy as well as lady Cheri d’Albertis have been instrumental in arranging outings and making restaurant reservations to bring the Divan as well as other nobles and their ladies closer together. There is something special about filling up a restaurant with nobles and their ladies and the general public seeing all of us bonding together and genuinely enjoying each other in fellowship. Makes me proud to be a Shriner, best decision I ever made.

May God Bless Each & Every one of You, My Beloved Brethren

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