Article (8/1/17)

Nobles & Ladies:

“Dixie Shrine 2017”, if you missed it, you sure missed a good time. Illustrious Mike Odom did a fabulous job in hosting this event and insuring that everything went smoothly and a good time was had by all, despite the added pressure of accommodating the Imperial Potentate and his officers. Shaddai can be proud of their year as host temple thanks to Illustrious Mike Odom, take the time to congratulate him on a job well done, he deserves it.

I would also like to mention a couple of nobles from the Panhandle Shrine Club who collected over $4,000.00 in the “2017 Paper Sale”. Noble Eddie Johns and Noble Alan T. Bush are to be commended on their efforts and hard work. Every business welcomed them with open arms and most commented that no one came by last year to collect, in fact one business owner instructed his secretary to cut them a check for this year and last year. Their collections spanned five rural cities, including Chipley, Marianna, Bonifay and Wausau. Although they did not sell any new plaques, they did take the time to collect from those business’ that already had plaques. Many of these plaques were sold to these business’ many years ago by Noble Pee Wee Johns and other members of the Club. Some of these plaques had date tags dating back to 1987. Brothers this is the future for the “Paper Sale”, you would be surprised at the business’ that you already patronize that would be happy to donate if you just asked. Your Doctor, Dentist, Grocer, etc., if we all sold only a couple of plaques each year, we could get off those dangerous roadways. Every year, the Shrine Clubs in this area collect a substantial amount of the total money collected and they do it by selling plaques. Think about it!

The “Whole Beef Raffle”, the Illustrious Potentate is asking all nobles to help out with this fund raiser. Not just by purchasing tickets, but by selling them to your friends, neighbors and coworkers. The proceeds from this raffle will help the Temple in its search for solvency. Brothers we have got to find a way to make our Temple solvent. The Divan and Nobility should not have to worry about whether the bills get paid or not, we should be concentrating our efforts on raising money for our Children’s Hospitals. Isn’t that why we joined, to help children who cannot help themselves!

One last note, Noble Leon Mathis has scheduled a dance for September 9th at Shaddai. The entertainment will be the same band that performed at the Panhandle Shrine Club dance in Chipley during the Watermelon Festival weekend. Details to follow.

May God Bless Each & Everyone of You

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