Article (3/31/17)

Nobles & Ladies:
At “Hospital Days” I was genuinely over-whelmed by my first visit to this annual event. I have always been told of the quality of care and attention to detail that the Doctors and Staff at our Tampa Hospital for Children exhibit to our patients. But I was not aware of the fact that our Tampa Hospital for Children is on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to treatment and cures. We had the opportunity to meet and listen to two patients who are currently under the care of our hospital. One of the young men had broken his femur bone at about the same age of one of my step sons. My step son was treated locally by an orthopedic surgeon, which involved a body cast for the summer. After treatment and therapy, he was told that one leg would always be shorter than the other one because of the damage to his bone and he would have to have a lift made for his shoes. The young man who received treatment from our hospital will not have to deal with one leg shorter than the other due to the advanced treatment and technology used by our doctors and therapists. I left Tampa that weekend with a completely different outlook about what it truly means to be a Shriner and how proud I am to say that I am one. Never forget our mission!
May God Bless Each & Every one of You.

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