Article (10/1/17)

Nobles & Ladies:

Well if you missed the Chad Street dance, your sure missed a great time. The dance floor at Shaddai was full all night long. What a great show of fellowship by all who attended. Noble Leon Mathis is to be commended for putting together such a great event and uniting so many Nobles and their Ladies. Don’t miss the next one, because Leon is already planning another. Also thanks to the units that participated, the nobles and ladies who set the room up and to those who monitored the door.

The “Whole Beef Raffle” is going well, thanks to all who are selling tickets. We are planning to set up with the Child ID Booth at the Bay County Fair (October 2nd-October 7th) and sell tickets. Noble John Wheat has plans to set up at the Mall during the month of October to sell the “Multi Raffle” tickets as well as the “Whole Beef Raffle” tickets. Thanks to Noble John for stepping up and taking charge of the “Multi Raffle”! Tickets and money can be turned in to any Divan member or Ms. Audrey at the office.

We had a much better turn out at our last stated meeting, but I know we can do better. Let’s all call a few brothers and encourage them to attend and participate. Together we can unite and make Shaddai Shriners an organization that all Blue Lodge brothers would want to be a part of and join. But first they have to see the genuine love and affection that we have for each other, working together as a team for the children in our hospitals.

A special thanks to Illustrious Mike Odom for his donation from “Dixie Shrine”. This generous donation was indeed a godsend and could not have come at a better time. The Divan and nobility can now focus on our fund raisers and the solvency of Shaddai.

I would also like to thank the Nobles that brought their ideas and suggestions to the Divan meeting as we asked. It shows that you have the same concerns as we the Divan have and together we can accomplish anything. Primarily, Shaddai SOLVENCY! If you are not having any fun then you are not participating at Shaddai, your Temple. In the words of Noble Gary Johns, “come on out and be with us!”

May God Bless Each & Everyone of You, My Beloved Brethren

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