Directors Staff

President: Bob Clancy
Secretary: John Wheat
Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30 PM

Article (3/31/17)

And a great almost Spring day to all the great Nobles out there. Seems as though it has been forever since I’ve had a chat with you. Well they say it cost a lot of money to do the paper, so we have it now once a quarter and maybe that’s enough anyway. Just want you to know I miss you.

Are you having a good time? And, what do you do for fun? I hope you are all doing something for fun. Life is too short to work all the time. I know, I used to do that.

I know that we are supposed to have a Staff meeting next Tuesday and maybe a Ceremonial before lone. I just don’t know when, everything has been so busy.

Did you get your new potatoes in the ground on February 20th? I think that is when you should do that. I used to grow lots of them when I lived in Millville. Ground didn’t look too good, but it grew good potatoes.

Well, just wanted to say “Hi” and wish you a great Spring. The Lord Bless you and yours, our Kids and our Great Nation.

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