Article (4/1/18)

Greetings Shaddai!!!
Wow…Shaddai has been a very busy place in March! The First Annual Purses and Pistols Bingo was a huge success!! We even had people that attended asking when the next one would be taking place!
The Easter Egg Hunt on March 31 was a fun day for all. To see a child’s face as they hunt the eggs makes it all worthwhile.
Nobles, take a minute to look at our Temple from the outside. Our mural of the Scimitar has been repainted and looks amazing!!! As the weather gets warmer, Spring is all around us, we will be working hard to make Shaddai as beautiful outside as it is with all of us inside. This can’t be done by one person alone. It will take all of us working together to make the outside look amazing
I would like to encourage everyone to come to First Friday Dinner in April. This is always a great way to spend time together as a Shrine Family. The meal is always great, but the fellowship we have together is the best part of the entire night.
Nobles, PLEASE make sure to read The Voice each month. We have several upcoming events and this is the best way to mark your calendars for the ones that you will be able to attend.
The Paper Crusade is coming up quick in April. I would love to have each Unit represented. This is a great way for us to spread the word throughout our community and let them know of all the good work we do for the children. Who knows? You could even meet a future Shriner!!
We have another dance coming up soon with the Chad Street Band. If you missed the first one, you missed one great night of music and dancing. The date will be in The Voice on the Calendar.
Don’t forget our Stated Meeting the third Friday of each month. This is the perfect time to make your voice heard with any suggestions, questions or concerns that you may have. The Divan is always available for you ANYTIME, but the Stated Meeting is where we can address items and reach a united solution.
In closing, I ask each and every one to keep our hospitals, staff, and fellow nobles and their families in your daily pray-ers. Most of all, our Shriner Children. They are the reason we do what we do as Shriners!
God Bless You All!
Greg Williams

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