Article (8/1/17)

Hello Nobles, one and all, hope you are having a great day. I Pray that all of you and your families are well. As you read this Imperial Session will be done and I'm sure the Potentates Ball will be finished. Hope all that attended had a great time. We still have a lot of fund raising left to do. I pray that all will jump in and help. I'm also anticipating our upcoming Fall Ceremonial. Hope we're out there looking for our newest and future Nobles. I know that it seems like we're a long way from the finish, but would like to leave you with this thought. A trip of a 1000 mile must always begin with the first step. May your days be blessed and free of worry. See you along our journey may we always meet, part and pass in Fraternal Love

Your Humble Potentate, servant and friend David Mac McMillan.

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