Article (3/31/17)

Greetings Nobles:
Hope this communication finds you and yours well. Since last we visited we have had many events that have taken place. We have more events in our near future. Our First Friday Dinners are well attended, we will be having an EASTER EGG HUNT for our hospital children as well as our families.  Also, if you know of some children that you would like to see have a good time bring them. I want all to feel free to attend all that we do here as a Shrine Temple. Remember you can't enjoy our events unless you partake in them so be ready, be willing because the amount of participation you give no mat-ter how small or large may be what's needed to get the job done.
Until we shall be able to be together in friendship and Shrine Love be safe and your travel be smooth and without any sharp turns.
Mac McMillan, Your Humble Potentate

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