Article (12/1/17)

Greetings Nobles and Ladies of Shaddai:

First let me start by saying what a wonderful and fascinating year has passed, I will cherish it forever. But one thing is for sure.  Lady Tracy and I are ready to start in right away next year because as you know work for our children never ends.

Many things happened since last, I communed with you.  We finished up with the beef raffle which netted us about $5,500.00.  Greg’s benefit bought in $46,000.00.  A great big round of applause and Atta boys too the ones who made these happen. The Halloween party and dance was wonderful.  If you didn't attend, you missed out. Our annual Thanksgiving meal will no doubt have been a success thanks I'll PP Ron Chapel and Lady Barbara for heading it up and making it enjoyable for all attending, and I seem to remember a Low Country Boil added in there also by the Clown Unit.

Lots of Parading in December.  Our children’s Christmas party will be through and complete.  I want to thank the Ladies that put it on.  Once again, I thank All the Nobles for the contributions and support given this year.  Now let's get ready and have a great year in 2018.

May the doors to our hearts be knocked upon to open wide and the joy of helping our children and the betterment of their lives be manifested thru our efforts and love.

Forever and with humility your Potentate,
Mac McMillan.

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