Article (8/1/18)

Dear Nobles & Ladies:

Greetings to all, hope the summer is hot enough for everybody so far. Surely it won’t get any hotter in August! The year is flying by and we have just returned from the annual Imperial Session. This being my first trip to Imperial was definitely an inspirational event. I highly suggest to any of you who have not attended an Imperial Session to immediately mark your calendars for next year. The information presented was truly inspirational, pulling on your heart strings and causing your eyes to tear up. If you attended the opening day ceremonies and did not get choked up a bit, a time or two, you might be in the wrong fraternity. Shriners Hospitals for Children take care of and have been taking care of children all over the world, not just in North and South America. We now have teams standing by at a minutes notice to rush to the aid of children in need of our services no matter where they are in the world.

Something else I didn’t know, Shriners Hospitals for Children has been caring for injured children in war zones all over the world, for years. How many times have you seen that on your evening news? I would like to add that Shaddai had a great showing in the Imperial Parade. We had a Color Guard Van and Silent Messenger trailer, a Divan trailer, a Clown trailer and one Biker. Thanks to all who attended and represented Shaddai Shrine! A special thanks to Illustrious Greg and Noble Cliff for working so hard on the Silent Messenger and Divan trailers, both were well received. Let us not forget Illustrious David Jackson who donated the lumber, thanks Illustrious! The whole event was so overwhelming to me, the number of participants is incredible. Not to mention the fact that there were nobles in attendance from all over the world, not just the United States. It is truly amazing to see so many people, from so many different cultures, all traveling so far for the same reason, to support Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children. MAY NO CHILD IN NEED GO WITHOUT THE CARE THEY DESERVE FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE AS LONG AS OUR FRATERNITY AND PHILANTHROPY EXISTS!

May God Bless Each & Everyone of You, My Beloved Brethren


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