Article (6/1/18)

Nobles & Ladies:

Please let me open by again thanking those who helped with the first phase of our 2018 Paper Crusade, I greatly appreciate your support. Well, for those of you who missed the Chad Street Dance, boy howdy did you miss a good time. Chad and his band entertained the crowd and kept the dance floor packed all night long. I can’t wait for the next dance! Please come out and support our temple and have a great time with your brothers and sisters.

Dixie Shrine is just kicking off and promises to unite nobility from all over the Southeast. Please come out and support Dixie Shrine and enjoy fellowship with nobles and their ladies who share in the same goal as all of us, our Shriners Hos- pitals for Children. These nobles have some of the same fund-raising problems we have, and many new ideas can come from a simple discussion between brothers. If you have never been to Dixie Shrine please consider joining in the festivities, I can assure you it will be worth the effort and life time friendships are started and continued there every year. The Dixie Shrine parade is Saturday May 19th, line up at Edgewater at 11 am, step-off at 11:30 am. This parade is very unique because of the many different temples involved and all the different units and their toys. For information please go to their website (

Next up for Shaddai is the Rodeo on June 1 and 2, Noble Joe Paul ran a very smooth operation last year and is sure to do so again. The only obstacle we can’t do anything about is the weather and that is what hurt us last year. This rodeo will have only Shaddai vendors, which promises to yield a larger income for Shaddai and the Shaddai units who are participating. Please come out and support our temple, wear your fez proudly and let the world know you are proud to be a Shriner!

Let us not forget to mention the Whole Beef Raffle, please get out and sell these tickets to your friends and neighbors. The drawing is not until the first Friday in November, so sell, sell and sell. Noble John Wheat has tickets if you need them.

May God Bless Each & Every one of You, My Beloved Brethren


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