Article (8/1/17)

Nobles and Ladies:

As of this writing we have finished the Rodeo and have closed out the Paper drive and the Gospel sing is now behind us. I want to thank all of the Nobles, Ladies and family members who came out and helped work the various events and vendors. In my last article, I stressed working together and it really showed as YOU came and made myself and Shaddai proud. The Attendees of the Gospel sing were very pleased with the entertainers. Thanks again Nobles! I will be announcing the final amounts for the Gospel sing at the July Stated Meeting.

Please come out and support all of the Shaddai fundraisers. Please support the Beef raffle that Noble Mark Dragon is heading up. This can be a good money maker for our temple. We will soon be starting our multi raffle. You will be surprised at the items you can win. PLEASE take some tickets and sell them to your friends or coworkers. This is how Shaddai survives. It takes steady cash flow to keep the Temple open. Remember, that without the Temple, there will be no units.

Thank you again for your courtesies given to Heidi and Myself. God Bless you and your family, and May God Bless the United States of America.

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