Article (2/1/18)

Nobles & Ladies:

Well, here we go again, another year has begun and it’s time to get busy at Shaddai! The Whole Beef Raffle was such a huge success last year that our Potentate has decided to have another one this year. Tickets have already been printed and are being distributed by Noble John Wheat and myself. The drawing will not be until the First Friday Dinner in November, giving us a little over nine months to sell tickets. The Illustrious Potentate feels that by getting an earlier start in ticket sells we should be able to double what we raised last year. Once again, we need each and every noble to assist in the sale of these raffle tickets. Let’s all work together and ensure that this fund raiser is another huge success.

We have two paper sales planned this year, the first will be Saturday April 21st and the second, Saturday September 8th. Plaque sales are a vital part of this fund raiser and the future of the Paper Sale. There will come a day when soliciting drivers in the roadways will not be an option. The city of Chipley has already put a stop to it. I would like to try something a little different this year and hopefully increase the success of the Paper Sale. There are many nobles who will not or cannot dodge cars in our roadways, but are perfectly capable of collecting donations at a Wal-Mart door. The blue lodge has always had great success in raising money for the Salvation Army at Christmas by assigning a lodge to each door.

The doors are then manned by two brothers at a time working in two hour shifts. If everyone participates we should be able to increase our revenues and only have to work a two hour shift, but more importantly, we will have someone collecting donations all day instead of until twelve noon.

I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you, together we can and will get it done. Don’t forget our First Friday Dinners and our State Meetings, we seemed to be on the right track in increasing participation, which in turn gives all more opportunities for enjoying each other in brotherly love and fellowship. I would like to welcome our newly elected Oriental Guide and his lovely bride to the Divan. Noble Bob Shipman and myself came into the Shrine in the same class and have been the best of friends ever since. Bob turned the Boat Regatta around last year and has plans to make it bigger and better than ever this year. Let’s all get behind him and give him the support he needs to make this fund raiser a huge success for years to come.

It sure is great to have Noble Leon Mathis and his lady Connie back on the Divan. Connie has already got things running like a fine tuned machine, communication being the key to success.

May God Bless Each & Everyone of You, My Beloved Brethren

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