Article (4/1/18)

Nobles and Ladies:
I think our Temple is securely on the right track for this year. We have had a very successful fund raiser and that puts us well ahead of the previous years. If you happen to see Ill Sir Greg’s daughters, please thank them for all their hard work on the fundraiser.
The Rodeo is coming along really well we have several units that will be food vendors and that way monies can be made by both the units and the Temple.
I waited until the last minute to submit this article so that I could address the increase in dues issue.
Shaddai has not had an increase in dues since it was Chartered in 1985. We need to increase our dues to allow us to meet all of our obligations in a timely manner. I feel that the fiscal control of our funds is monitored closely by the Potentate and Divan. The amount of $125.00 includes the per capita of $35.00. I know that the increase is substantial, but it is what the Temple needs.
Fund raisers are the key to helping the temple keep moving forward. Ill Sir Mike Odom and the Dixie staff did a great job last year and donated $10,000.00. I have checked some of the past years Temple’s P&L’s and have seen where we lost money over-all. At that rate, we could lose our temple. I am open to any suggestions and we heard some good ones at the stated meeting. Please come out and share your views.
Thank you again for your courtesies given to Heidi and Myself. God Bless you and your family, and May God Bless the United States of America.