Greg Williams
2017 Chief Rabban

Article (11/1/17)

To all the Nobility and Ladies of Shaddai:

Hope that all are well and in good health. What a great month we had. For Fall Ceremonial we had (11) eleven new Nobles and new Ladies and Families. To me it was one of the best Ceremonials in quite a while. I what to recognize and thank the Nobility and Ladies that made it all possible. The Second Ceremonial Master Noble Bill Castor Jr, The Director of Units Noble Adam Hood and the Nobles who came out and worked tirelessly. Lady Cindy Vann for making the Ladies Luncheon a success, and lastly but surely not at all least but whom without them nothing would have happened the Nobles that found our new Nobles and helped to set all in motion. To all the Parading Nobles the Units that opened their doors to show our open arms and hearts. To our sister Temples that came down and helped we appreciate your time and effort to make our weekend great.

To all who did not make it for whatever reason, come to our next event and I am sure you will find some if not all the new Nobles and get your chance to meet and greet them.

Remember our Thanksgiving meal. See PP Ill Ron Chapel or Lady Barbara for Information. Be ready for all that Parading and Partying in November and December.

Until we meet again remember unless you get involved in our Temple you will not know all that's going on here. May the sun shine upon you and yours to warm your bodies and hearts. May we continue to Love and care for one another. Humbly and in continued brotherhood,

Your Potentate David Mac McMillan

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