Article (5/1/18)


Following is a partial reprint of a past article, but it seemed appropriateā€¦How can I make a difference? We must start in our own inner circles. Nurture and develop those bonds with our family and brothers. Don’t let petty differences sever the unity that is the foundation of our fraternity. Sure, we can disagree and debate but we must always walk out the door friends and brothers. We must come together, stay together, and be one in our vision and our goals. Not just for Shaddai Shrine, Shriners International, or our individual units, but for the greater good of our Brotherhood.

Don’t forget the Rodeo on June 1st and 2nd. See Joe Paul for more info. This is a great opportunity for the units to participate as food vendors.

The Whole Beef Raffle is still ongoing. The drawing will be on November 2nd. See John Wheat or any divan member for tickets.

I’m proud to call you all my brothers.

“Passionate hearts committed to a shared vision can accomplish the impossible” - Unknown

God Bless

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