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Fourth Annual

Shaddai Shriners'

Bay County

Cardboard Boat Regatta

This year's event will be held on Sept 23 2017, and it targets all students across the Southeast U.S. It will test creative and design abilities as well as have a direct application of Archimedes principle of water displacement.

The contest is very basic. Teams of up to six students must design and build a cardboard boat capable of rounding a 200 yard course three times from very basic materials. Each boat will be manned by two students who provide propulsion with paddles. This year, there are four age classes: <12years; 12-14 years; 15-18 years; and college/university students.

Families, friends, and school-mates need to be involved to encourage and 'cheer on' their favorite intrepid contestants. What about a regatta cheerleading squad--the beginning of a new culture! Or not!

This event is all about "Phun" with Physics. It must be, when the most coveted award is the 'Titanic Award' for the most spectacular Sinking!

The regatta will be held at Porter Park in Lynn Haven, FL on SR77N just at the foot of the Bailey Bridge.

As you look over our website, please don't hesitate to contact us for questions or to receive the complete official rules.

NOTE: Anyone who wants to build a boat to race can. It is not just for Students!